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Electronic Barking Dog Alarm

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Weight 3.65 lbs

The Electronic Watch Dog is the perfect security solution for your home, office, store, or business. It scares away would-be intruders with the sound of a vicious barking dog (or an alarm), making it an ideal deterrent for burglaries and other crimes. According to the US Department of Justice, “a dog’s presence is a close substitute for human occupancy, and most burglars avoid houses with dogs”. So why not get the next best thing with the Electronic Watch Dog?

This innovative device uses non-harmful microwaves to “see” through walls and activate an alarm, a chime, or the recording of a dog barking as soon as motion is detected. It’s easy to install and can be used indoors or outdoors – wherever you need an extra layer of security. Don’t wait until it’s too late – get the Electronic Watch Dog today!


  • The microwave signal can “see” through walls and detect someone approaching from over 1-21 feet away
  • Three modes: barking dog, chime, or alarm
  • Powered by an AC adapter (included) or 8 AA batteries (not included) for temporary use during a power outage
  • The sounds will play differently depending on how long motion is detected for


1 short bark for one trigger within 5 seconds

3 short barks for two triggers within 5 seconds

10 seconds barking for three triggers within 5 seconds or receive wireless sensor trigger


When using this mode, the motion trigger will activate a DING-DONG sound.


3 seconds alarm for one trigger within 5 seconds

6 seconds alarm for two triggers within 5 seconds

20 seconds alarm for three triggers within 5 seconds or receive wireless sensor trigger/PANIC button is pressed.

  • Wireless remote control to arm/disarm the unit, or activate the panic alarm in case of an emergency
  • Long-range remote control (60 feet through open space).
  • Wall Mounting available
  • Measures 6 ¾” x 6”x 4 ½”
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Additional remote control and motion detector accessories available separately. (HA-MOTION, HA-MOTION-OD, HA-REMOTE) These will add additional coverage without the need for an additional unit. Can add up to 16 additional sensors to this product.


  • Barking Dog Alarm
  • Remote with battery
  • Instructions
  • AC Adapter
  • Mounting Screws